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In this data base is only registered harmless information like name and birthday. Photos are not displayed for living persons, unless the person has given permission to publish the photo. This is in accordance with the actual laws in e.g. Denmark and Sweden. If a person does not want to be registered in this data base, let me know, and the name will be removed.


To navigate in this data base one starts by writing a name in the box for Last Name and/or First Name. Alternatively one can click the line named Surnames, where one get a list of the most common last names.


Click on the tabs Ancestor and Descendants, and the tree for the individual is shown.

Under the tab Ancestor there are eight alternatives: Standard, Vertical, Compact, Box, Text, Ahnentafel, Media and PDF.

Under the tab Descendants there are five alternatives: Standard, Compact, Text, Register and PDF.


Under the tab Relationship one can calculate the relationship between two persons, if they have a blood relation.





Most of the information about the Swedish families is found by searching on the following sites: Arkiv DigitalDDSS, Stockholms stadsarkiv the "Rotemansarkivet", SVAR Digitala forskarsalen, Tjörns släktforskare and Öckerööarnas Släktforskarförening


The information about the Danish families comes mainly from Arkivalieronline and DDD.


The following sites have been an important source for information and inspiration.


Foreningen Pierre Dornonville de la Cours Slægt where information of the de la Cour family is given. Links is included with each person.

where Lennart Frederiksen has documented the majority of “our” Damm family.


Skeel, Holbek, Santasilia and Muckadell family-tree. This site has some names in common with the GultarpGen data base, but must be seen as a complement.


Studepranger Slægten Kjeldsen where Charlotte Kjeldsen has documented the Jens Kieldsen family.



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